Bellossoms: Adventure is in Bloom

Watch Bellossoms: Full Bloom

Bellossoms is an adventure series about lovely little flowers
that make friends while blooming in new and exciting places.

Now, follow the flowers in Bellossoms: Full Bloom,
an animated series chronicling the Bellossoms journey
as they leave the tree for the first time!

Original Art! Sketch Cards on TikTok

Drawing videos featuring a variety of fan art characters by Bellossoms creator Erika Swanson – now on TikTok!

Select Cards on sale for $6 or 2/$10 – first come, first served! Looking to request a character or portrait as a collectible or gift? Ask here!

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NEW! Bellossoms Adventure Gear

Branch out from your tree in style with official Bellossoms merchandise – hoodies, t-shirts and more – for flower fans of all ages!

The original storybook series is
now available on Etsy!
Great gifts for little ones!

Bellossoms X Calla Lily presents
this hand-crafted cherry blossom infused
bath & body line!

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Bellossoms 'N Buds
a new series featuring live drawings
of our favorite flower friends!

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