For the pretty and pricky in all of us, this Zazzle flower collection features the Bellossoms (and Thorns) characters on high-quality apparel and accessories for adults, teens and even 'lil bloomers! Wear your flower fandom! Snuggle with the baby blanket! Check back for new styles!

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Written and illustrated by Bellossoms creator Erika Swanson. Follow the flowers in these whimsical storybooks as the Bellossoms make friends in new and exciting places!

Our mission is to entertain, educate and encourage young adventurers to bloom through discovery, curiosity and friendship one petal at a time – where will you bloom next?

Go places you never thought possible with Bellossoms!


• BOOKS are landscape format
• 9" wide by 6" tall *
• Opens flat to 18'' wide *
• 40-52 pages; soft cover
• Locally Printed
• Self-published
• Original Art
• Hand-drawn

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In Book 1, the Bellossoms tumble from their tree, riding the wind through valleys and over oceans, finally landing atop the cold, pillowy snow of the arctic. What amazing creatures will the Bellossoms meet? What awesome landscapes will there be to explore? Jump in to Book 1: Arctic Adventure, and join the Bellossoms on their first adventure! (40 pages, soft cover; Arctic Adventure is slightly smaller: *7" wide x 6" tall, opens flat to 14" wide)

The Bellossoms adventures continue in Book 2, Rain or Shine! During their travels, a thunderstorm crackles down on the Bellossoms! The lovely little flowers find bunnies to bounce along for the ride, until a flock of crows snatch them away and lead them to… a Thorn?! But is this Thorn friend or foe? The Bellossoms make room for new friends in the second installment of their whimsical journey to bloom in new places. (56 pages, soft cover)

In Book 3, the mean-spirited Thorns have arrived at the Bellossoms tree, but before they can get cozy, they are thrust into their own escapade! Whether they like it or not, the Thorns encounter several nefarious creatures and eerie, frightening dwellings! Will the Thorns have a change of heart, or continue with their grumpy ways? (44 pages, soft cover)

Book 4: One small step for flowers, one giant step for the Bellossoms! In Intergalactic, our little flower heroes embark on an intergalatic journey through space – meeting extraterrestrial beings and riding shooting stars in this stellar, out-of-this-world experience. (44 pages, soft cover)

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